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Before you buy a structure, we recommend contacting us to schedule a building inspection.

In the Morriston, Florida area, there are countless buildings, each serving its own purpose. Some of these are residential structures, housing individuals and families, while others are designed for commercial use. But regardless of the purpose and usage of a structure, it’s important to know what’s going on behind its walls before you purchase it. For this reason, our team at Cornerstone Inspections offers thorough building inspection services. We have been serving local property owners and prospective buyers for over a decade, so you can count on us for a thorough, high-quality building inspection and report.

Building Inspection in Morriston, Florida

Before you buy a structure, we recommend contacting us to schedule a building inspection. This step in the real estate process typically occurs during the due diligence period, as finding out the condition and performance of all vital components and systems is part of your responsibility as the potential buyer. During this period, most contracts allow buyers to request adjustments, such as repairs or credits toward needed repairs, or even walk away from the agreement if any major problems are uncovered. It’s essential to schedule your building inspection before this period lapses if you want to keep your options open and avoid paying hefty fees later.

Whether you need a building inspection performed on a condo, single-family home, office building, or commercial facility, you can count on us to do the job right. We’re experts in the industry and have a team of six inspectors available to serve you. When you’re at this stage of the real estate buying process, reach out to us for more information about scheduling a building inspection.

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