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Our WDO termite inspections include thorough assessments of any potential termite damage.

The presence of wood-destroying organisms (WDOs) can wreak havoc on a structure. These insects are highly concerning and need to be addressed at the first sign. However, since termites and other WDOs are good at staying hidden, it’s not always easy to know when they have taken up residence on your property. The best tool for determining whether you have an infestation is a WDO termite inspection, performed by a trained professional.

WDO Termite Inspections in Morriston, Florida

Many structures in the Morriston, Florida area have termites, thanks in part to the warm and humid climate. But at Cornerstone Inspections, we can perform WDO termite inspections to help property owners become more aware of potential problems. Our technicians are highly trained and fully licensed and insured, so you can feel confident when we’re working on your property.

Oftentimes, we perform WDO termite inspections as part of real estate transactions. Mortgage lenders may require such an inspection to be performed before finalizing the purchase. But even when a lender doesn’t require it, we recommend WDO termite inspections in all real estate transactions. Every buyer should go forward in the purchasing process with confidence, knowing whether an infestation of destructive insects could wreak havoc on the structure.

Our WDO termite inspections also include thorough assessments of any potential termite damage. These findings can determine whether termites have ever been present, which can provide insights into the condition of the wood used to build the structure. Protect your investment by scheduling a termite inspection with our experienced and well-trained team today.

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