Water Testing

Ensure Your Drinking Water Is Not Contaminated

FHA/VA and Bacterial Water Testing (3-day turn around) in Ocala and all of Marion County and Crystal River, Inverness and all of Citrus County.

How safe is your water supply? We offer FHA, VA and yearly bacterial water testing services in Ocala, FL and the surrounding area. We’ll conduct in-depth testing to make sure your drinking water is safe for you and your family.

Water Testing

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What’s in your water?

If you need water testing service in Marion or Citrus County, FL, choose Cornerstone Inspections. Our specialized water tests will check for harmful contaminants like:

  • E. Coli and Coliforms
  • Lead and Iron
  • Nitrate and Nitrites

Don’t risk it when it comes to your family’s health. Contact Cornerstone Inspections today to learn more about the water tests we conduct in Marion & Citrus County, FL.


FAQs About Our Water Testing Services

Our team at Cornerstone Inspections offers a variety of services to help you make sure your home is in great condition. For example, we offer thorough water testing services to alert you to any contaminants in your drinking water. Below, we’ll go over some frequently asked questions on this subject to help you get a better idea of what we can do for you.

What do you test for in water?

Our water testing services are designed to detect a variety of contaminants in your water, including harmful bacteria such as E. coli and coliforms, chemicals such as nitrates and nitrites, and heavy metals such as lead and iron. If you want to make sure your supply of drinking water is safe, we encourage you to make use of our testing services.

When should I use your water testing services?
We encourage you to get your water tested in response to any change in the color, taste, or smell of your water. In addition, schedule testing whenever you get any alerts about possible contaminants in your water supply. To be completely safe, it’s best to get your water tested once every year.
What health issues can be caused by contaminated water?
Drinking water that’s contaminated with heavy metals, bacteria, or other harmful substances can cause a variety of health problems. The range of issues includes everything from gastrointestinal problems to reproductive issues to neurological disorders, so it’s important to take steps to make sure your water is clean.