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Find out if your home has a termite problem.

At Cornerstone Inspections, WDO termite inspections are one of our many home inspection services. Termites are a common pest found here in the Ocala, Florida area, and they are responsible for extensive property damage done to homes and buildings every year.

WDO Termite Inspections in Ocala, Florida

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspections provide you with a written report of the inspection completed. This report provides information about any visible and readily accessible evidence that there is an active termite infestation or evidence of damage caused by wood-destroying organisms.

Typically, WDO termite inspections are done when a home or building is being sold and the mortgage lender wants an inspection completed before finalizing the transaction. Even if not required, we highly recommend adding a termite inspection onto your home inspection before you buy to find out if termites or termite damage is present.

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During WDO termite inspections, the professional conducting the inspection looks for things like wood damage, wings, entry points, droppings, exit points, and potential hot spots that termites typically seek out. In most cases, this type of termite inspection can be completed in 30 minutes to two hours.

Protect the value of your investment and feel confident when you go to buy a new home by hiring our trusted home inspection company to help with the inspection process. To learn more about what WDO termite inspections include and what the process entails, or to schedule a termite inspection, contact us today.

*All WDO (Termite) inspections are performed by a licensed third-party pest control company.

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