Reasons to Schedule a Commercial Building Inspection

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If you are planning to expand or relocate your business, you will need to find a suitable commercial building to house your operation. Before you agree to buy or lease any commercial property, you should schedule a commercial building inspection. Our team at Cornerstone Inspections has extensive experience in the property inspection business, and you can count on us to make sure your new location is ideal for your needs.

Reasons to Schedule a Commercial Building Inspection

In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should schedule a commercial building inspection.

  • Avoid Nasty Surprises – The purpose of a commercial building inspection—or any building inspection—is to ensure you have accurate information about the building’s condition before you agree to buy it. If you buy a new building without inspecting it first, you could find out the building had significant structural problems and get stuck with expensive repair bills. With an inspection, on the other hand, you’ll be informed about such issues ahead of time—that way, even if you decide to buy a building in need of repairs, you can plan ahead for that work.
  • Negotiate a Better Deal – Another reason why you should schedule a commercial building inspection is because the information it provides will allow you to negotiate a better deal for the property. If your inspection turns up serious problems, you can negotiate a lower price, or you can require the current owners to repair the issues as a condition of the purchase. Either way, you can protect yourself from making a bad investment.
  • Prepare for Maintenance – Lastly, even if your commercial building inspection doesn’t show any immediate problems with the building, the information it provides is still useful for planning future repairs and maintenance. For example, our inspectors will identify the current age of major structures such as the roof. Knowing this information will help you determine when you should replace the current roof and allow you to build those costs into your budget.