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Protect your home from potential wind damage.

High winds are a common cause of home damage in the Morriston, Florida area, especially during hurricane season. If you want to make sure your home can withstand the threat of high winds, we highly recommend scheduling a wind mitigation inspection. This type of inspection involves assessing a home or building’s wind resistance features and providing information about them to the property owner.

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The main goal of a wind mitigation inspection is to help home and property owners save money on their home insurance premiums. Today, many home insurance companies will provide credits for homes equipped with features that minimize wind damage risk.

Why do insurance companies offer lower rates for homes with wind mitigation features? The main reason is because these features lower the chance of the home insurance company needing to pay out for repairs in the event of a claim. We can provide a report that confirms your home has certain wind mitigation features, and you can submit this information to your insurance company. Once your home insurance company receives this report, they will provide your estimated premium savings.

At Cornerstone Inspections, we can give you a clear understanding of how well your home or building can withstand high winds and then give you recommendations for ways you can increase your home’s wind resistance. For example, we may suggest outfitting your home with a roof covering or adding a roof-to-wall attachment.

Your inspector will carefully inspect your home’s wind resistance and provide comprehensive information about how well your home can resist wind damage. To learn more about wind mitigation and how it can help you save on home insurance, reach out to us today.

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