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Protect your home and find out whether you can save money on your insurance premiums with a wind mitigation inspection.

Wind mitigation inspections are designed to assess the wind resistance features of a home or building and report on them to the property owner. The primary purpose of these inspections is to help property owners save money on their insurance premiums, as many insurance companies will provide credits for features that minimize the risk of wind damage.

Wind Mitigation in Ocala, Florida

Insurance companies often lower their rates for homes with wind mitigation features in place because these reduce the likelihood that they will have to pay for repairs. Once you have a report proving your home has the specific wind mitigation features insurance companies are looking for, you can submit that report to your insurance company, and they will then inform you of your estimated premium savings.

Wind mitigation is especially important in areas where hurricanes or strong winds pose a significant threat, such as in Ocala, Florida and elsewhere throughout the state. With a wind mitigation inspection, property owners can gain a clear understanding of how protected their home or building is and take steps to increase its wind resistance. For example, you might decide to retrofit your home with a roof covering, a roof-to-deck attachment, or a roof-to-wall attachment if a wind mitigation report indicates your home may need further protection from wind-related risks.

Our skilled team at Cornerstone Inspections will carefully inspect your home or building, take photographs, and report on your existing wind mitigation features accurately. To schedule an inspection and find out whether you can get insurance credits for your wind mitigation features, contact us today.

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